This is the online version of the Math (Quantitative) portion of our in-person SWARTWOOD GRE course (www.swartwoodprep.com).  The course gives full coverage of GRE Math topics.  It includes John's famous in-class lectures, fundamental reviews in one-on-one format, and problem solving sessions with video solutions.  

The whole point of the course is the teaching.  The purpose is to give you the tools you need to score very well on the GRE Math Section without endless hours of videos you will not watch.  The lessons usually take roughly a month and a half to complete in the in-person version, where class meets roughly once a week for 2-3hrs in a sitting.  

You will have access to the course for 2 months (with the option of extending for another by paying the continuation fee of 50).  This should be more than enough time to complete the course if you pace yourself at roughly one Section per week.  

For simulation of the actual GRE and additional practice problems, we strongly recommend the POWERPREP from the ETS (actual GRE's that are free) and the Official GRE Super Power Pack from the ETS (the company that makes the GRE).  

The main purpose of this course is to TEACH you what you need to know in the most engaging and efficient manner.  The course is just like the in-person version save for one minor modification: John's "story time" episodes and some of his non-teaching comments have been removed.  Although many students find them very entertaining, the broader audience afforded in an online format renders some of John's comments not "PC enough" (inappropriate) for the general public.  Student jokes and comments have also been removed from the audio except when educational in order to streamline the audio content.

Our focus on the teaching lessons in the online course also allows us to offer the class at a reduced cost compared to our standard classes.  (In-person GRE classes with us run 1100.)

What's included?

22 Videos
6 Quizzes
8 Texts
Head Instructor

Lesson Instructor

SWARTWOOD students have been accepted to medical, dental, and graduate programs across the nation.  Here are some examples:

Otana Jakpor (Harvard Medical School, MCAT 39), Sina T. (Yale Medical School, MCAT 526), Tiffany Ho (Johns Hopkins Medical School), James Chen (Stanford Medical School), Andy Chen (Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, MCAT 515), Lori Robbins (Albany Medical School), Tasha Fernando (UCLA Med), Dalia Z. (Northwestern Med), Donald Noble (Emory Neuroscience, GRE 800 Q, 630 V), Bernie Wu (MCAT 521), Ivy K. (MCAT 523), Leah Wilensky (DAT 25, UCSF Dental), Angela Chen (UCSF Dental), Sheela (DAT 21, UCSF Dental), and many more. [See "Testimonials" under www.swartwoodprep.com for numerous video testimonials.]

John's reputation speaks for itself.  His teaching has become the backbone of our programs.  He shows you how to think through the test and teaches you the core content you need.  

MCAT (all sections), MCAT CARS Intensive
GRE (all sections)
DAT (all sections)
PCAT (all sections)
OAT (all sections)


Leah Wilensky
Leah Wilensky
Senior Instructor

Fundamentals Instructor

After making her way through the SWARTWOOD DAT Course and earning a 25 on the DAT, Leah returned to help teach before heading off to UCSF for Dental School.  

Her areas of expertise include: GRE and DAT Quantitative, General Chemistry, Biology, and Organic Chemistry.  Her clear and lucid style augment the course with fundamental reviews that cover core content you need in John's strategy lectures.  


Get the best of both worlds: The Quantitative portion of our SWARTWOOD GRE Course that students around the country have come to attend & The advantage of online lectures and reviews that you can watch at your convenience

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